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Just writing this blog to express my thoughts on Yu-gi-oh. Been playing it for quite some time, and i have quite a few good concepts, so y don't i post them up.

Anyway, just hope that you would have a good time here, fellow duel blogs - link me -
"_" Always hoping for new card sets to arrive and Very open to new deck ideas...


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After going up to shriek, I was amazed at the numerous cards that are gonna be released. Words just cannot express my excitement, let me just say that 2010 is gonna be a very bad year for some yugioh players, cause there's gonna be a huge hole in our pockets at the end of the day.

Let me start off we some of the new sets.
1) duel terminal 8 - not much to say anymore, it's just too awesome. Red eyes darkness metal dragon in common, imagine that. And let's not forget trishula, the super new awesome mist wurm, neofrembell set, as well as new dragunity cards, awesome

2)sin stardust - should be awesome, it's an anniversary movie card. And according to movie sypnosis, sin stardust dragon is gonna destroy the world. So the card must be good. Readers, keep ur eyes peeled for the new vjump Jan.
Ps I can't wait for the movie, ultimate battle with 3d duel. Hope that it won't be a dissapointment.

3) winged dragon of ra - I know that it's not a card that's released next year, but it's still a good card nonetheless. An egyption god card, and with a good drawing by kazuki himself. It's definitely great in swarm decks. For me, blackfeathers with a sun, the god of ra.

4) the shining darkness - my favourite, still don't know black feather dragons effect/stats, but I'm looking forward to it. Plus, infernity monsters, spectacular , it would be great deck, perhaps the new lightsworns idea that may dominate te meta in future.

5)pp12 - elemental hero great tornado, and the parallel world fusion. It will definitely come as a boost to ehero decks. I'm trying out a new deck idea consisting of absolute zero, the shining, and gret tornado, yeah yuki judai fusion action is back baby. I'll be putting the deck idea up in a few days, so check back for more in the coming days.

6) gold series 2010 - nothing left to say cards are great, must buy a few packs for the staples, thats for sure. Rmbd I bought only 6 packs of gold series 2009 for it's staples, on it's 6th pack I got brionac.

It's gonna be a great year ahead of us, I'm gonna go for sec 4 o levels next year, though I may not be at shops to play as often as usual, but my heart will always be with the game. Till then, so long.

- omnimax -

{/3:37 AM}

Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally, i'm back from a long holiday from Penanag.
Believe me, Penang sells very expensive booster packs, i prefer SG packs.

First things first, when i came back, i went to buy the duel disk Yusei DX. WooHoo
Check it out@_@

It's awesome man, they gave me 10 boosters inside ( 3 ANPR, 3 SOVR, 3 DP09, 1 ABPF)

And here are my pulls, Minefield Driller(Sucks), Skill Successor, BF- Lone Silver Wind, Stardust Dragon/Buster (sweet), and JUNK ARCHER (Total Ownage).
In addition, i've also got STARLIGHT ROAD, yippee. This card, along with Junk collector and Afterglow of a miracle.
  • I'm thinking of using Starlight Road in my Stardust Buster deck. Just think, set Buster Mode and Starlight Road, next turn activate heavy storm, negate with SL road, SP summon STARDUST DRAGON, activate buster mode. PURE PWNAGE.
  • Junk collector might have some potential in a light beatdown/comtrol/stun deck, why:
  1. It's a light monster, can be used with Honest, duh, and its high defense is nothing to laugh about. You can summon this card in atk position as a decoy, and your opponent would not know whether you're protecting it with Honest or Using its awesome effect anytime to obiliterate his field ( etc. Mirror Force)
  2. 1000 ATK calls for abuse with Limit Reverse, nuff said
  3. Abuse with DDR, where you can keep using its effect, also a reason to discard a trap from hand as cost.
  4. Malevolent catastrophe can be used too, have a beatdown monster, summon him, use with malevolent catastrophe to clear backrow, Attack with ease.
  5. Treacherous Trap Hole - either use Junk Collector to remove traps from grave to use this effect, or simply remove itself to destroy 2 mosters on the field, where you can bypass the effect of not having no trap cards in grave.

And so, it is this dang card which can open the door to many possibilities, and pave the way for perhaps a new deck for the meta. Perhaps i'm hinting something, but Cosmos deck ( Guardian Eatos) could be the next deck to storm the field, with the aid of this card.

p.s Still don't get it??? Well, remember D.D scout plane? Use him as a tribute to summon this card...

{/7:13 PM}

Sunday, November 22, 2009

With the release of Absolute Powerforce, many deck concepts such as the cyber dragon theme has been revived, simply with the new card CYBER DRAGON ZWEI. I feel an itch to try it out too, Tee Hee. Gotta get my hands on those, chimeratech,eltanin and zweis.

But, our main objective today is not about absolute power, but with the new DT coming out next yr


This set is simply awesome, with its new debut card Trishula, Dragonof the Ice Boundary (above), which serves as a new mist worm, Same summoning requirements, Level and astounding card advantages. Its art is cool too. Spectacular i might say,

Also, there is the almighty Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in this set, so those who wish to run hopeless dragon can finally jump for joy in forming your deck, without the worry of tight budget issues.

However, what is really pulling me in is the Neofrembell set, which look totally awesome.
It's somehow the extension of the DT archetypes, with the first being the X-Sabre/XX-Sabreset, followed by the Fiend Roar Deity/Fiend Roar Deity Beasts, which all turn out to be great deck ideas, they play well and i mean it, everyone is grabbing them off the binders as soon as they see one. Hence, this Frembell/Neofrembell Archetype should not be very far off. The Frembell Family has been supported with cards from the Ancient Prophecy, notably Frembell Helldog (amazing searcher), Pureflame Eruption (massive monster reborn), and Frembell Counter.
The new DT 8 provides new monsters with the concept of Swarming, Field Advantage, massive power armada, and the newly introduced, Graveyard Removal. This is important, cause nowadays, most Meta Decks focus on Graveyard Management (LL, Grave BF, Cyber Dragon, Dragunity, Junk and Debris etc.)

Look at all the fantastic artworks (NEOFREMBELLS)

Seriuosly these guys grave removal effects are awesome. I found out something while researching this set too, in fact, this archetype bears a slight resemblence to the Black Feathers.I'm serious.. .
  1. They both focus on massive swarming
  2. They both utilise atk manipulation to dominate the field
  3. There are the top 3 similar cards which prove that I'm right.

First up is the signature synchro monsters for each archetype. Black Feather- Armored Wing and Ancient God Frembell are both lv 7, 2500 ATK and each have sick effects.
Armored Wing cannot be destroyed by battle, and we can put a wedge counter on the opposing monster to reduce its stats to 0, which ,means that it can truimph large monsters with ease.
Ancient God Frembell allows the user to remove cards in their opponents graveyard according to their hand size, and increase its ATK by 200 for ewach card removed, so with a minimum 3 card disposal, we are able to pump it up to 3100, enough to whip that Blue-Eyes or Red Dragon Archfiend down to size. Magnificent.

Up next is the lv 6 synchros of the archetypes.
They can increase their own attack, and most importantly, they are tramplers.
A must-have in every synchro pile to take care of those pesky defense midgets.

The Third guy up is this set of searchers, which have the ability to sp summon monsters from the deck after destroying a monster by battle. This is practically a key figure in swarming, and the common combo is to special summon frembell archer or gale the hurricane to synchro for the lv 7 synchros immediately after the battle phase to build that barrier of protection.

{/2:16 AM}

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh yeah, i've been playtesting my new deck strategy and it seems that it is working fine. Apart from the 'sometimes' bad hands and lack of draw power, this deck is actually quite playable. Tomas Mijares made this deck possible during the 20th SJC Anaheim by coming in at 16th place. Not too Shabby, i might say. Anyway, if you guys should have guessed by now, it is the Stardust Dragon Assault/Buster mode deck. I've added in a little OCG twist to it by incorporating a little of my Dragunity Friends in to the scene. Presenting...


Its actually pretty cool, and the possibilities of summoning the 'BEAST' is quite awesome i might say, for most of the times whenever I use this deck, i would get to summon it out. If i'm lucky, i might just summon 2 of them before turn 5 and Truimph my opponent.

I'll not reveal the whole deck of course, but this deck focus around the combo of having Dragunity Phalanx in the Graveyard, Normal summoning Dragunity Dux, which would equip Phalanx to Dux. Phalanx's effect activates, special summoning it to the field, and tune them together to summon the Almighty DRAGUNITY VAJURANDA!!!!WTH!!!

Its effect is practically the same as Dux, so we just repeat, equip - Sp summon - Synchro, just three easy steps and what do we get..... Stardust dragon. Throw in a Buster mode and Voila, Ladies and gentlemen, the master appears...

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Monday, October 19, 2009

To start off, i would like to present a cool deck idea that i have been working on for the past few weeks.

BF- Junk And Debris
Monsters > 21
Debris Dragon x3
Junk Synchron x2
Black feather - Blizzard of north pole x2
Black feather - Foehn the iron chain x3
Black feather - Gale of the hurricane x1
Black feather - Blast of black lance x3
Black feather - Qulat of the moonlight x2
Armageddon Knight x1
Sangan x1
Dark armed dragon x1
Zombie carrier x1
Dandylion x1
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness x1

Spells > 14
Foolish Burial x2
Allure of darkness x2
Reinforcements of the army x1
Pot of Avarice x2
mind control x1
heavy storm x1
Mythical Space Typhoon x1
Double summon x1
Book of moon x2

Traps > 6
Call of the haunted x1
Bottomless trap hole x2
mirror force x1
torrential tribute x1
Icarus atk x1

The main idea of this deck is basically junk and debris swarm, as proven by Rauzes (GaijinDuelist.blogspot.com), this type unlocks the hidden potential of the Dragunity Knight Cards. which are:

Presenting the Drgunity Knight Monsters.
These guys have great synergy with the deck as they can be summoned by debris dragon + Foehn, which goes around their strict summoning requirements. Dragon tuner and Winged beast non-tuner.

Now, we are done with the dragunity synchros, but there are many surprises to come, i've not reached the true Gems of this deck yet, in fact it further strengthens the combo of a junk and debris deck. The addition of Blizzard of the north pole gives yet another synchro summon, therefore we have decreased the number of junk synchron to 2, bringing the total number of these retrieval tuners to 7.
The primary target for this deck would be Foehn, the iron chain, whose lv 2 and 500 atk (Black feather) fits perfectly for all three tuners. Hello magical android, AOJ catastor, Iron chain dragon and DRAGUNITY. Also, Blast of black lance and Gale the Hurricane special summoning effects comes in handy here. Heres where it gets serious, when you pull back that foehn, you can sp summon the Blast for extra synchro power.

Lets say you retrieve Foehn with Junk Synchron, sp summon black lance to tune for that Mist Wurm, Black rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon or even the Newest Addition > JUNK ARCHER.

There are so many other combos, such as using Gadearg to fill up the grave for that Pot of Avarice, Dragunity Gadearg/Gaebolg + Debris dragon to unleash the all mighty TRIDENT DRAGON, which also gets its boost from the swarming abilities of this deck. Trust me, i have OTKed with this baby before, and it simply Stunned my Opponents to know that they were killed by this bad boy in just one turn, from 8000 lp to 0. With these combos i have written down the extra deck with the aformentioned synchro monsters.

Extra Deck > 15
Dragunity Knight Gadearg
Dragunity Knight Gaebolg
Dragunity Knight Trident
Mist Wurm
Trident Dragon
Junk Archer
Stardust Dragon
Black rose dragon
Ancient fairy Dragon
Brionac, Dragon of ice boundary
Goyo Guardian
AOJ catastor
Iron Chain Dragon
Magical Android
Arms Aid

As such, thats all for today, Bye.


{/4:02 AM}

yeah new YGO blog up and running, get ready.

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